Round 1:

is a timed elimination round. Riders will start in pairs. Each pair will start at one-minute intervals.

In this round each rider is riding against the clock, not just the person they start with. Your aim in R1 is to ride the hill in as short a time as possible.

The 16 fastest male riders will go into Round 2.  Again starting in pairs, but at 2-minute intervals, the winner of each of the 8 heats in Round 2 will progress to the Quarterfinals. Quarter-finals, Semis & Finals are run in the same way as Round 2.

The four fastest female riders in R1 will contest the Womens SF, and subsequent 3rd/4th place ride off and final.

Round 2 onwards (knockout rounds) and the Sprint Zone.

The head-to-head duels from Round 2 onwards will include a ‘Sprint Zone’ that will operate as follows (this does NOT apply to Round 1)


The final c.50 metres of the course is designated as a ‘SPRINT ZONE' (SZ).  The SZ will consist of two lanes separated by a SOLID white line down the centre of the road The beginning of the SZ will be marked by a solid line across the road, and a sign either side of the road stating 'SZ Start'


The approach to the SZ (c.10 metres) will be marked by a BROKEN line along the centre of the road


The LEAD RIDER approaching the SZ may enter the SZ in either lane.  Once committed to one of the lanes they MUST REMAIN in that lane until after the finish line (i.e. they must NOT cross the centre line)


The 2ND RIDER approaching the SZ may EITHER:

(i) follow the first into the same lane of the SZ .  To overtake the lead rider, they MUST cross the centre line into the empty lane and then REMAIN in that lane until after the finish line; OR

(ii) enter the SZ using the other (vacant) lane and REMAIN in that lane


NB: From Round 2 onward, to keep the event on-track, any riders taking more than [6 mins 30 secs] will be eliminated even if they win their heat.​

In the case of any dispute as to which rider entered the SZ first (and in what lane), whether a rider impeded another, or any other matter arising, the riders agree to be bound by the decision of the commissaires.


Rider etiquette & safety

1.  You the rider (and you the spectator) understand that the event is held wholly or in part on public and / or private property or the public highway and you participate (attend) therein entirely at your own risk and that no liability whatever shall attach to the promoter, promoting club or any officials of the event or members of the promoting clubs or helpers for any injury, loss or damage suffered by you in or by reason of the event however caused.


2:  You (the rider) understand that the function of the marshals in the event is to do no more than indicate the precise spot at which a rider should turn or the direction he or she should take and you understand further that the responsibility for safely negotiating a turn or any other change of direction must rest with the rider alone. You understand further that the Marshalls can advise pedestrians of the precense of cyclists and a race but that the road is NOT ‘closed’.


3.  The route back to the start is back down the course.  In Round 1, riders will be allowed to go back down the course whilst others riders complete their first round climb.  However, please cycle down the course on the side, and at a slow pace, ready to dis-mount if necessary.  Priority must be given to cyclists who are completing their climb.  Riders adjudged descending in an unsafe manner may be disqualified.


4.  Denbies is a working vineyard, and the event starts close to the B&B.  The road running up from the main car-park past the B&B needs to be kept clear at all times for estate vehicles and B&B residents.  Please do not leave any litter.


5.  Please obey any instructions from event marshals


6.  Helmets are compulsory for all riders


Bad weather:

In the event of extreme weather the organisers may choose to cancel the event in advance.  

In that event, an e-mail will be sent to you and a note posted on the Dorking and Redhill web-sites on the Friday or Saturday before the event.